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ECU Remapping & ECU Tuning

What is Remapping?
In simple terms, car remapping sometimes reffered to as ECU tuning is where the settings on a car are modified & tweaked based on the owners preferences. With a comptuer to hand, the owner is able to customise how exactly the engine operates, dictating exactly what they get from the car. This of course has to be within legal limitations.

How Does Remapping Work? 
In short, remapping a car can be straight forward. The main action required is making changes to the manufacturers default settings & software. This is carried out by overwritting the old ECU software (Engine Control Unit) and replacing it with the new custom software. The updated software is plugged into the cars serial port. Fortunately this process has been made a whole lot easier!


What Exactly Does Remapping Do?
Now that we understand what Remapping is & how it is simply carried out. We can dive a little deeper into how ECU remapping can actually benefit & enhance your motor:

Increase in power – One of the most common changes of ECU remapping is to increase the power capabilties of the motor. This will allow the driver to accelerate much quicker, seeing an increase in 0-60 & overall top speeds. This will generally increase fuel consumption due to a noticeable increase in output. 

Increase in responsiveness – Although speed & power is a common motive for ECU remapping. Some drivers take advantage of altering the settings to allow for better fuel efficieny. This is down to the drivers being able to reuce the amount of gear changes required to overtake & perform other driving situations which require torque & horsepower. 

What Does an ECU Tune do?
C Tuning use a range of ECU tuning software to ensure we create the best possible custom remap for you and your vehicle, all of which are developed by Viezu. Our ECU chipping files are custom written for our customer’s exact needs, meaning they aren’t just a generic tuning file but are truly bespoke to you, your car and, mosty importantly, the driving experience you want.

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Fleet Services with Viezu’s BlueOptimize™

10 good reasons to BlueOptimizeTM your fleet

1. Savings on fuel bills of up to 15%
2. Reduction in overall emissions
3. Zero impact on warranty and residual value
4. No mechanical modifications
5. Installation in less than 1 hour
6. One-off installation fee
7. Return on investment within 6 months or less
8. No on-going fees
9. Reset to standard at any time
10. Guaranteed instantaneous fuel saving

C Tuning’s range of custom fuel saving services is especially aimed at fleet operators and company vehicles to help reduce fleet running costs. In addition we’ve helped thousands of private motorists too. 

Small and large fleet operators can reduce vehicle emissions by approximately 200,000 tonnes.

Dedicated to working with Fleet Managers and Operators, C Tuning can provide bespoke and tailored solutions for your fleet of vehicles, to help reduce your fuel bills and lower emissions. 

Whether you are running 5 vehicles, or 50,000, C Tuning is very experienced in large fleet fuel saving solutions and dedicated to your vehicles and cost cutting needs.

C Tuning’s clients range from small to large fleets in a range of industries including utilities, communications, courier services, and construction.

Classic Cars and Vintage Cars Maintained and Restored


Let us help you preserve the value of your classic vehicle or vintage vehicle with our expert team


No matter what your budget, we can assist with the works you want to undertake. We have a great and friendly team here at C TUNING and we love what we do for our clients.

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burning blue titanium welding pipe

Exhaust Systems

C Tuning supply & fit high-tech exhaust systems. The latest technology in performance exhaust systems available on the market allow for app controlled sound levels.


C Tuning can supply and fit a wide variety of high-tech exhaust systems to fit your budgets and needs.

With the latest technology in performance exhaust systems available on the market, you can enjoy a better sound from the engine, a bit more bhp and combined with a C Tuning engine remap, you can really enhance the performance of your vehicle.

New Technology

You may have heard of Valvetronic systems, this essentially stands for valve-controlled exhaust technology. These valvetronic exhaust systems are offered by the top-end performance exhaust manufactures and are usually operated by a remote-control module or OBD gesture controller and come in three modes: on, off, and auto. In on mode, the valves are fully open for maximum air flow, allowing for better performance and increased sound volume with an astonishing and clean tone. When pressing the off button, the valves close completely, which significantly reduces the sound volume for a comfortable drive.


Essentially you can enjoy a vehicle where, at the touch of a button, you can flick between resonated and non-resonated to suite the driving need.

Learn more about resonated and non-resonated systems


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